Boise Trenchless Water and Sewer Line Repairs

Repairing water and sewer lines can be quite expensive. Some of the additional costs involved are due to the “reconstruction” often needed after a traditional trench is dug through your yard, or worse yet, through your driveway or garage! Trenchless water and sewer line repair offer a much less invasive solution to this common problem.

In the Treasure Valley area, homeowners and business owners turn to Five Star Service Pros for the best in trenchless repair services. It’s been said that trenchless repair is often 30-40% less costly than traditional repair options. Not only is the job done more affordably, but you can get back to your normal life much more quickly!

How Does Trenchless Repair Work?

As the name implies, trenchless means there is no longer a need to dig long trenches through your property to reach the leaking or damaged pipe. Instead, our plumbers access each end of the line and insert a high strength cable which is pulled through the pipe, including the damaged area. Once a cable is inserted thru the old pipe it is attached to a bursting head and the new high strength plastic pipe and it is pulled thru the old pipe bursting out of the way and allowing the new pipe to replace the old pipe without disturbing the surface or anything above it. Not hard to see how this is a serious time and money saving process.

Need Trenchless Repair in the Boise Area?

Five Star Service Pros is your best choice for trenchless sewer and water line repairs in and around the Boise, Idaho. Our team is available 24/7 to get your water flowing. If you have an issue that’s serious enough to warrant digging a trench, don’t wait another second before calling Five Star Service Pros. Call us now at 208-260-1765 to get our master plumbers on the job.

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