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Quality work at reasonable rates is what you can expect when hiring a plumber in Boise, ID, from Five Star Service Pros. Since 2018,  we have been proudly meeting and exceeding the expectations of anyone in need of prompt, dependable residential and commercial plumbing services in Boise and the entire Treasure Valley.

We are a full-service plumbing company located in downtown Boise. Our team makes a pledge of guaranteed satisfaction as we are led by an owner with 38 years of experience and supported by an equally experienced crew. This is also what makes our team true 5-star service professionals. We are licensed, insured, and bonded, as well as prepared to respond to resolve anything involving plumbing.

What Sets Us Apart

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Fair, honest rates
  • Money-saving solutions and technologies
  • Free estimates

Our Top-Notch Services

Reliable Plumbing Services

More often than not, you won't save time or money by doing the work yourself. In fact, it's surprisingly easy to create new problems or make existing ones worse without the right experience, tools, parts, or equipment. Leaks, drips, lack of hot water, and overflowing sump pumps are just some of the many plumbing-related issues we address.

Our residential and commercial plumbing services include:

  • Water heater services
  • Sump pump/foundation drain installation
  • Sump pump repair
  • Sewer main cleaning
  • Routine and emergency repairs
  • Water treatment system installs and service

High-Quality Trenchless Pipe Lining

Ask about trenchless pipe lining and our other trenchless services we offer if you want to preserve your landscape and regain full access to functional pipes quickly and affordably.

Minimally invasive solutions can address a wide range of issues, from tree root and age-related damage to structural flaws with joints or pipe connections. The pipe lining process involves:

  1. Inspecting the pipe with a high-resolution camera
  2. Cleaning the sewer, water, or drain line
  3. Applying an epoxy coating with a tube and removing it once the material has cured
  4. Inspecting the pipe again to confirm everything is smooth and flawless

Professional Sewer Repair

Professional drain and sewer repair services are ideal if you are dealing with frequent backups or clogs or seeing signs of leaks. Tree roots are a common issue that often needs to be addressed by sewer-related repairs. Sewer lines can also be affected by corrosion, bellying, and shifting, or other soil or surface disturbances.


  • Being able to view the affected sewer or drain line with a non-intrusive video inspection
  • Having multiple repair options, including traditional excavation
  • Getting the work done in a way that keeps disruptions to a minimum
  • Providing trenchless options that include pipe lining and pipe bursting

Get 5-Star Service and Results Today!

Cross anything related to plumbing off your to-do list by getting in touch with Five Star Service Pros. Any work done by our team will be completed efficiently, safely, and affordably from start to finish. Contact a plumber from our team today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment or request urgent assistance. We also serve the following areas:

  • Nampa, ID
  • Caldwell, ID
  • Middleton, ID

call our 24 hour

emergency plumbing hotline

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Five Star Service Pros is committed to servicing your plumbing, sewer, flood, and drain cleaning needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Contact us today to set up your free quote!