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For reliable and affordable residential and commercial sewer repair service, rely on a plumber in Boise, ID, from Five Star Service Pros. Nestled in downtown Boise, we are a full-service, licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing company that consistently delivers quality results. Officially founded in 2018, we guarantee complete satisfaction with a team backstopped by an industry veteran with 38 years of experience. It is our commitment to keeping customers happy however, that truly makes us 5-star service pros in the local area.

4 Signs You Need Sewer Repair

One of the top signs of needing sewer pipe line repair is having more than one drain back up on a regular basis. Slow drainage can also indicate a sewer line problem that needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later. Other signs to look for include:

  • Mold on interior walls from the excess humidity that can be caused by blocked or damaged sewer/drain lines
  • Strange smells within your living spaces
  • Uneven toilet water or odd drain noises
  • Puddles of water where your sewer or drain lines are located

Importance of Sewer and Drain Repair

Our approach to sewer or drain repair at Five Star Service Pros is entirely client-focused. We use non-intrusive camera inspections to accurately diagnose problems and evaluate pipes thoroughly. This approach to repair is beneficial since it takes the guesswork out of the repair process, which ultimately saves customers like you time and money.

Drain and sewer repair services are important since leaving issues with hidden pipes linger can contribute to much bigger problems. Leaking sewer and drain lines, for instance, can damage landscapes or foundations. In addition, having fully functioning sewer and drain lines keeps utility bills in check and could even improve your property's value.

The Sewer and Drain Repair Process

A video inspection is what we typically do first with drain and sewer repair in Boise, ID. After the condition of the affected sewer or drain line is known, we will put together a repair plan that makes sense for the situation. Our plumbing experts will then access the pipe and make the appropriate repairs. In some instances, this means traditional methods are best. Once repairs are made, we will conduct another round of visual inspection to make sure everything is all set. You will be left with a sewer or drain line that's back to full function and capacity.

Why Trust Five Star Service Pros

Five Star Service Pros will take the time to find out what's going on with your sewer lines so issues can be addressed correctly the first time. What's more, we treat our clients right by arriving promptly with everything needed to size up the situation and get to work.

Trusting us for your sewer line replacement and repair needs in Boise, ID, also means you will benefit from:

  • Free estimates
  • Reasonable rates
  • Proven methods and long-term results
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

We provide a wide range of top-notch sewer repair services in the following areas:

  • Star, ID
  • Nampa, ID
  • Caldwell, ID
  • Middleton, ID

Contact Us for 5-Star Drain and Sewer Solutions

Get reliable answers when it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace sewer line pipes Five Star Service Pros. We will direct you towards a sensible and affordable solution that solves the problem and ensures your peace of mind. Contact us today by calling our team or filling out the online form. Feel free to schedule an appointment whenever you need:

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Five Star Service Pros is committed to servicing your plumbing, sewer, flood, and drain cleaning needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Contact us today to set up your free quote!