Trenchless Pipe Lining in Boise, ID

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Dealing with a damaged sewer, drain, or water line can be a huge source of stress, especially when you have to take your landscaping or lawn into account. Fortunately, all it takes is a call to your plumber in Boise, ID, from Five Star Service Pros. We provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional pipe repair methods.

Our full-service plumbing company is at your service by appointment as well as for 24/7 emergency services. Our owner/founder brings 38 years of experience. Our entire team is just as experienced and committed to ensuring high-quality results, particularly when it comes to trenchless pipe lining in Boise, ID, and nearby areas.

Top Four Benefits

  1. Up to 40% less than traditional repairs
  2. Quick work times with less manpower
  3. No heavy machinery or landscape disruptions
  4. Extended service life for pipes

A Closer Look at Trenchless Pipe Lining

The minimally invasive service allows our team to fix a damaged pipe without even having to dig extensively. Five Star Service Pros specializes in two popular approaches to trenchless pipe repair and replacement: pipe lining and pipe bursting. These modern solutions allow us to address:

  • Tree root intrusions
  • Cracks from ground-shifting or age
  • Damage from rust and/or corrosion
  • Joint misalignment or damage

Before recommending any method of trenchless sewer repair, our team will need to conduct a thorough video camera inspection. Once we determine that pipe lining is an ideal option, we will proceed to insert an inflatable tube coated with epoxy resin into the pipe. This is a substance that will form a smooth, flawless surface inside the existing pipe once it has hardened sufficiently.

When the trenchless sewer replacement method of pipe bursting is much more advisable, we will instead insert a cable into the damaged pipe. Regardless of the option, our team provides quick, modern, and efficient pipe repair and replacement solutions to our clients.

Keep in Mind...

Our trenchless contractor will be sure to let you know if a minimally invasive solution is indeed an option for your situation. Should we determine that the pipe is not stable enough, our skilled team can discuss with you any traditional excavation method.

Trust Our Team for Trenchless Services

Trenchless pipe replacement and repair methods are just among the many ways we help our clients in the entire Treasure Valley. We have been providing quality solutions to all kinds of drain and sewer pipe issues since 2018. Work with our team and you can expect us to provide you with

Attentive Service

We are professionals who focus on every detail from start to finish

Transparent Pricing

Honest prices that are always reasonable. You do not have to worry about hidden charges

Complete Satisfaction

We have a commitment to getting the job done right the first time

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