High-Quality Trenchless Pipe Lining in Meridian, ID

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Let the reliable plumbing experts from Five Star Service Pros, help you save time and money with a minimally invasive approach to pipe repair. While there are times when excavation is the only possible solution, we also give our clients less disruptive options. One of these top services we offer is trenchless pipe lining in Meridian, ID, which is growing even more in popularity among many top contractors in the industry.

As the name suggests, trenchless pipe lining eliminates the need for digging. What is also referred to as cured-in-place piping is the method used, a "new" pipe is created with epoxy resin. Repairs can also be made by breaking up the old/damaged pipe in a less invasive way.

Trenchless pipe repair is something that should be your consideration when you are looking for a pipe repair solution that will help with:

  • Keeping your landscape intact
  • Reducing the time needed to complete repair work
  • Keeping heavy equipment off your property
  • Restoring the existing pipe and helping it last for many more years

A pipe that's still structurally strong is one of the ideal situations for trenchless sewer repair. Trenchless pipe lining can also be preferable if the damage is minor, or if a cast-iron pipe needs reinforcement due to age-related corrosion or wear.

How It Goes

Trenchless pipe lining works by using existing access points to inspect the pipe and insert a removable liner. This tube is inflated after it's coated with a durable epoxy resin material. After the coating hardens, the tube is removed and the pipe is inspected again by your trenchless contractor to make sure the job was done right.

If trenchless pipe replacement is the approach to repair recommended, the work area is also limited. In this case, a bursting head fragments the existing pipe while a cable pulls a new one into place. Surface disruptions are also kept to a minimum with this process.

Why Choose Five Star Service Pros for Trenchless Pipe Lining

Choosing us for trenchless sewer replacement and repair means your satisfaction is guaranteed. It's this pledge that truly makes us your 5-star service professionals.

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  • Ensure 24/7 Emergency Assistance!

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  • Middleton, ID

Located in downtown Boise, we are a top-rated full-service plumbing company that has been providing traditional and minimally invasive sewer repair and other equally cost-effective services since 2018. Our founder brings nearly 40 years of industry experience to each job we undertake. Our plumbing contractors are just as well-versed in many services.

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Five Star Service Pros is committed to servicing your plumbing, sewer, flood, and drain cleaning needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Contact us today to set up your free quote!