Efficient Sewer Repair in Meridian, ID

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Dealing with a problematic sewer line means you need the experience and expertise of a professional plumbing company. Ensure a five-star experience by relying on the Five Star Service Pros team. We repair residential and commercial sewer lines in ways that are right for the situation and good for your budget and needs.

Biggest Signs You Need Sewer Repair

  1. Frequent drain backups
  2. Strange odors in your home
  3. Gurgling and other odd sounds emanating from your pipes
  4. Drains that are slow to drain
  5. Lawns that are soggy or unusually lush
  6. Outside puddles
  7. Issues with mold or pests
  8. Toilet backups when flushing

How Important is Sewer and Drain Repair

Our approach to sewer pipe line repair is beneficial because we offer solutions tailored to individual needs. We are not a one-size-fits-all company. Instead, we use repair techniques that solve the problem permanently, not just for the moment.

Always keep in mind that you should never put off sewer or drain repair, as acting sooner rather than later prevents smaller issues from becoming bigger ones. Repair is also important since sewer and drain lines need to function correctly in order to prevent backups and other issues that could ruin your landscape, weaken your foundation, or create problems with mold or water damage.

Our Sewer and Drain Repair Process

The initial step we take with drain and sewer repair in Meridian, ID is to inspect the pipe that's giving you problems. This is typically done with a high-resolution camera that allows the inside of the sewer or drain line to be examined in detail along its span. It's also common for the pipe to be cleaned so all potential flaws can be viewed and repairs can be more effective.

Sewer repair services involve restoring the affected pipe and inspecting it again to make sure everything is good to go. If there is a need to directly access the pipe, we will carefully plan and complete the process in a way that keeps disruptions to a minimum. In some instances, it's better to fully replace the damaged sewer or drain line with a new pipe.

Why Trust Five Star Service Pros

Formed in 2018, we are a locally owned company located in downtown Boise led by an owner/founder with 38 years of industry experience. As a full-service plumbing company, we have the skills and resources needed to repair or replace sewer line or pipes with optimal efficiency while remaining cost-effective.

We take the stress out of sewer line replacement and repair by offering sensible, reliable, and budget-friendly solutions.

What to Expect from Our Team

  • 24/7 emergency plumbing assistance
  • All work to be done by experienced plumbers
  • Honest, fair pricing
  • Complementary, accurate estimates

We provide a wide range of top-notch services in the following areas:

  • Star, ID
  • Nampa, ID
  • Caldwell, ID
  • Middleton, ID

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Five Star Service Pros is committed to servicing your plumbing, sewer, flood, and drain cleaning needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Contact us today to set up your free quote!