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If you've been on the lookout for a skilled plumber in Star, ID, that you can depend on for professional sewer repair or replacement services, it's time to get to know the team at Five Star Service Pros. We're equipped to handle a diverse array of sewer line problems, and our crew is always ready to serve property owners throughout this region from our convenient location in downtown Boise.

What is Trenchless Technology?

Trenchless pipe repair technology was developed as a way to fix cracked, corroded, and root-damaged sewer lines without first digging them up. The service is relatively simple, easy, and quick to perform, and it results in a strong, newly restored pipe line without all the hassle and property damage that are generally associated with traditional sewer line repair work.

Trenchless sewer replacement is performed using an existing drain or pipeline connection, and it can usually be carried out from start to finish in just a few hours. Our personnel will first identify the location and type of damage to the existing pipeline with a waterproof camera. A new, custom-ordered liner that's covered in liquid epoxy is then pushed or pulled into the pipe. The liner is inflated to press it against the sides of the old pipe and then allowed to cure and harden. As it cures, it forms a strong surface surrounded by the footprint of the existing pipe.

Issues Where Trenchless Pipe Lining is the Potential Solution

Although trenchless sewer repair is a highly useful and versatile technique, it's not a suitable solution for dealing with every pipeline issue. In general, it's best utilized to repair minor leaks, seal out tree roots, and correct small-scale pipeline separations. It doesn't resolve settling issues, pipe collapse, and other major problems.

When Do You Need Trenchless Repairs?

If you're having recurring sewer line back-ups at your home or business that are caused by tree root build-up or other minor issues, trenchless pipe replacement could be the perfect solution for you. This repair technique is also a great way to address pipe cracking that leads to localized sewer leaks in exterior areas of a property.

Count on Five Star Service Pros for Trenchless Pipe Lining

Our trenchless contractor crew knows that locals of Boise and the surrounding area are counting on us to provide the repair work that their sewer lines need to remain in good working order. That's why we offer prompt scheduling, punctual service, and speedy project turnaround in addition to an ironclad satisfaction guarantee that's difficult to match. We also place a high value on furnishing great customer care and establishing honest, open dialogue with residential and commercial clients alike.

Call Five Star Service Pros today to reserve an appointment. You can depend on our team to provide you with additional information and a free estimate for trenchless pipe lining in Star, ID, or a neighboring area. We'll be more than happy to accommodate your specific timetable when setting up your initial consultation!

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