Camera Inspections for Your Sewer & Water Lines? Saves Time and Money

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Imagine trying to fix a problem you haven’t seen with your own eyes? You know it’s there, but you just don’t know how bad it is or what it may take to fix it. That’s the problem many plumbers have when trying to diagnose serious clogs. A difficult situation becomes even more difficult because they don’t have the proper equipment to KNOW what the problem is before trying to fix it! That’s where camera inspections make a big difference!

Camera Inspections Save Time

This statement is true in plumbing like it is in many other aspects of daily life. Your plumber is highly trained and equipped with much of the latest and greatest equipment in the industry. It’s not cheap to have them on site. You want them to quickly find and fix the problem. If they don’t have a sewer & water line camera inspection system, they’ll be taking more time than you’d prefer in most cases! Imagine a doctor trying to determine if your arm is broken without the benefit of having an x-ray. It just makes sense when you think about it!

Work with a Plumber with a Camera System

As a Boise plumber, Five Star Service Pros employs the latest in camera inspection technology. This enables our team to spend less time finding the problem, cutting your costs dramatically in many instances.

The next time you have a plumbing issue that involves calling a plumber, think about how you’d prefer to work. Would you rather know the problem before digging in, or would you rather guess? If knowing beforehand is important, call a plumber with a camera inspection system to ensure you get the fastest possible fix! Save your hard-earned money for something you’d rather spend it on. Perhaps a vacation with the family…not costly plumbing work that can be avoided!


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