Do You Need A Big Crew for Trenchless Pipe Repair?

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Our group of technicians at Five Star Service pros have been working hard to provide reliable trenchless pipe lining in Meridian, ID. One of the biggest myths about trenchless solutions is that the costs are higher. This myth is linked to the belief that more workers are needed to complete the trenchless pipe restoration process.

Read on as we shed light on just how big of a crew trenchless sewer repair projects actually need.

A Big Crew is Not Needed

When we talk to our customers about trenchless pipe replacement, we get a mixed response until we explain the benefits of this technology. The cost of trenchless repairs is lower than that of the traditional sewer line repair. A traditional repair requires a large crew of multiple workers to complete. But for a trenchless repair, two small holes are dug and a liner pulled through the damaged sewer line. The small number of steps involved means fewer technicians are required to complete the repair.

So in a nutshell: no, trenchless pipe repair does not require a crew of more than 10 people. As a result, trenchless repairs are:

Less Costly Than a Traditional Repair

The cost of trenchless pipe repair compares favorably with that of traditional repairs. Five Star Service Pros understands how to calculate the labor needed to complete repairs. For a traditional replacement, excavating equipment is needed to dig a long trench, with a new sewer line needs to be laid to complete the process. The number of workers needed for a traditional repair is larger than that for a trenchless sewer line repair because the latter is a smaller-scaled process.

Faster Repairs

The cost-efficiency of trenchless sewer replacement or repair is further highlighted by the speed at which the project is completed. The trenchless repair can be completed in as little as six hours compared to several days for traditional sewer line replacement.

Five Star Service Pros offers trenchless options for property owners who want a cost-effective way to restore their pipes in a fraction of the manpower and time. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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