The Most High-Tech Plumbing Fixtures

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Homeowners are contacting plumbers to find the most efficient possible plumbing fixtures. These fixtures include things like low-flow toilets and low-flow showerheads. There are also some other very interesting developments that have been growing in popularity. Plumbers have been installing low condensation toilets, insulated pipes, and smart pipes. These efficient fixtures are some of the most high-tech fixtures that plumbers are installing. There are also some fixtures that are not necessarily more water-efficient.

Touchless and One-Touch Fixtures

Touchless and one-touch fixtures have been popular with commercial applications for a very long time. Business and public restrooms have used touchless toilets, faucets, and paper towel dispensers for a long time. Homeowners are just now getting in on it. Touchless fixtures use motion detection technology to determine when to turn on and off. You wave your hand under a faucet and the water comes on. You simply walk away from a toilet, and it flushes. These features make it easier to use plumbing fixtures. They also help to reduce the transmission of germs. If you touch fewer fixtures, fewer germs will be transmitted. That’s especially helpful if someone in the house is ill.

One-touch fixtures are common as well. Instead of turning a handle to turn a sink on and off, you simply tap the faucet itself. This makes it easier to operate the fixture when your hands are full.

Raincan Shower Heads

Raincan shower heads are designed to more closely mimic rainfall. That means they offer a wide surface of water that seems to fall as opposed to water that sprays out of the shower head. Since they offer wider heads, they can cover more surface area while using less water. The angle also means that you can cover more surface area, so you might not need to shower as long. They have been shown to save water and can save you hundreds of dollars in water usage each year.

Cyclone Toilets

A traditional toilet uses holes around the rim to introduce water into the bowl and flush. A cyclone shower head uses jets inside the toilet bowl to create spinning water. The cyclone action flushes away waste much more efficiently than rim holes. They also use much less water.

Hand Dryers

Some people are choosing to install hand dryers in their home so that they don’t have to continually buy paper towels or wash hand towels. Some modern, high-tech hand dryers actually dry your hands faster than towels with less waste.

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