What Are The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies?

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Plumbing emergencies can happen at any moment, often leaving homeowners in a state of panic due to the potential damage and inconvenience they cause. Being prepared and knowing how to respond when these issues arise can mitigate damage and ensure a faster resolution. Here’s a guide to some of the most common plumbing emergencies and the steps you should take while waiting for professional help.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are a common issue, particularly in colder climates where they may freeze. If you encounter a burst pipe, immediately shut off the main water supply to prevent further flooding. Then, drain the remaining cold water by flushing toilets and opening cold taps. This action helps to remove any remaining water in the system and reduces pressure on the frozen pipes​​​​​.

Clogged Drains or Toilets

For clogged drains or toilets, avoid using the fixture until it has been cleared. Attempting to unclog with a plunger may be effective; however, if the blockage persists, it’s essential to call a plumber. Do not resort to chemical drain cleaners as they can damage your pipes and exacerbate the problem​​​.

Leaky Fixtures and Sewer Backup

Leaky fixtures, such as faucets or toilets, can often be temporarily addressed by turning off the water supply to the specific fixture to prevent water waste and further damage. In the case of a sewer backup, which is characterized by multiple drain clogs, gurgling toilets, or bad odors emanating from drains, cease using all plumbing fixtures immediately and contact a plumber​​​.

Water Heater Failures

No hot water can indicate a water heater failure. This issue may stem from various problems like a malfunctioning heating element, sediment build-up, or a leak. While waiting for the plumber, check the unit for any visible signs of leakage and turn off the power supply to the water heater to avoid any potential hazards​​​.


For toilet overflows, shut off the valve behind the toilet to stop water flow, then attempt to clear the blockage with a plunger. If unsuccessful, avoid using the toilet until a plumber has resolved the issue​.

The Importance of Calling a Highly Reviewed Plumber Immediately

In any plumbing emergency, the quickest and safest resolution often comes from professional intervention. Opting for a highly reviewed and experienced plumber ensures that you receive timely, effective service, potentially saving thousands in water damage repairs. A reputable plumber can provide immediate guidance over the phone and take swift action upon arrival, effectively addressing the issue and offering long-term solutions​​​.

While waiting for a plumber:

  • Shut off the main water supply to prevent further damage.
  • Contain the damage as much as possible by mopping up excess water.
  • Turn off electrical appliances near leaks to avoid electrical hazards.
  • Document the damage for insurance purposes.
  • Follow professional guidance once the plumber arrives, providing all necessary information about the plumbing system and the emergency at hand​.

Preventing plumbing emergencies starts with regular maintenance and being mindful of what goes down your drains. Regular inspections by a professional plumber can identify and rectify potential issues before they escalate into emergencies​.

Remember, the key to managing any plumbing emergency is prompt action and professional assistance. By following these steps, you can minimize damage and ensure a quick return to normalcy.


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