5 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

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A plumber is an expert in doing what they do, which means that they can sometimes be a little expensive. Since they’re expensive, you will likely try to avoid calling a plumber in order to save money. In certain situations, that might be a good choice. You can often remedy plumbing problems yourself with a little bit of DIY skill. However, there are some situations that require the attention of a professional. Discerning between the two can be difficult to an untrained eye. Here are some situations that require a professional.

1 – Multiple Blocked Drains

Your drains all gather into one or two main sewer lines that run to the municipal sewer facility or to your septic tank. If you have one drain blocked, it could be a clog of hair or soap. However, if you have multiple drains blocked, it typically means that the clog has worked its way down into the main sewer line. If you don’t have that dealt with, it could become a serious sewage catastrophe.

2 – Unexplained Bubbling

If you turn on your faucet and the water in the toilet bowl starts to bubble, you have a problem. That often means that the sewer main is partially blocked. In that situation, air will back up in the pipes, and running water will dislodge the air. As with multiple blocked drains, you need to call a professional immediately.

3 – Weak Water Pressure

When a pipe starts leaking, it can manifest in many ways. If you have one fixture with very weak water pressure, you could have a clog in that pipe. You could also have a leak in the pipe. A clog in a pipe coming into your house is serious problem because the clog comes not from you but from your municipal water supply. A leaky pipe could be causing mold, mildew, and water damage.

4 – Orange Flame

You should check the flame on your water heater regularly if you have a gas water heater. The flame should be a steady blue color. Natural gas burns blue in the presence of sufficient oxygen. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, the gas burns orange and releases carbon monoxide. If that happens, you need to call a plumber immediately. Also, open the doors and windows and leave the house.

5 – Wet Walls

Water can cause damage to your home’s walls, ceiling, and flooring. It can eat away at the foundation and invite pests. At the first sign of wet walls, floors, or ceilings, you need to call a local, professional plumber.

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