The Truth About Your Home’s Drains: Are You Using Them Correctly?

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Drains may appear to many of us as convenient ways to discard unwanted items, but other than a couple of exceptions, they really aren’t meant for more than just liquid. If we abuse the drains in our homes, we are destined to spend money repairing them. That’s not something we want to do more than we must! Here are a few considerations to keep your drains healthy and flowing year-round!


Most of the drains in our homes are “regular” drains. They’re meant for water or other liquids and that’s it. Bathtub drains, sink drains and shower drains are not meant to take any solid materials. That’s why they have little grated protectors over them. Sometimes you’ll end up with a nasty clog resulting from hair in the bathtub or shower. That’s to be expected and can normally be cleared with some DIY knowledge and elbow grease. Otherwise, keep all solids out of those drains if you want to avoid calling a local drain cleaning company to get the water flowing again.


While it would be nice to say “yes” the answer is definitely “no”. Garbage disposals are made to handle the leftover bits of food that don’t make it into the trash receptacle. They’re not meant for full-on disposal of large quantities of solid food. Some foods are especially important to avoid putting into the garbage disposal. According to a 2016 article on Angie’s List, there are four primary types of food to avoid in the disposal: Fibrous Foods, Greasy Foods, Egg Shells, and Starchy foods (Pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans). The fibrous foods can gum up the mechanisms and keep the motor from running properly. Greasy foods will reduce your blade’s effectiveness by coating them an unpleasant, smelly, film. Egg shells will also damage your pipes because of their sandy like consistency. Pasta and other starchy foods expand and swell, potentially clogging the trap and diminishing your disposal’s effectiveness.


If you’re a DIY kind of person, you can likely handle many of the standard clogs with some tools from the hardware store or through using a chemical drain cleaner. But, at some point we all face the clog of all clogs and need professional help! When it becomes clear that you’re not going to be able to fix this particular issue it’s time to call a professional drain cleaner. They will get the water flowing again. It’s what they do! When to call them is up to you. It’s likely more affordable than you think, and you can get back to enjoying your free time doing what you enjoy!

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