5 Things You Should Never Flush

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Plumbing problems can strike seemingly out of nowhere. That’s not the case, though. Plumbing problems are often the result of human error. There are some cases in which the pipes are old or faulty; however, the vast majority of cases involve someone doing something they shouldn’t. The most common problem is clogging, and the most common culprit is something going down a drain that shouldn’t. There are a few things you shouldn’t ever flush if you want to avoid plumbing problems.

1 – Baby Wipes

You should never flush baby wipes down the toilet, even if they say they are “flushable.” That’s because they’re designed to be resilient even when moist. Toilet paper, however, is designed to break down when it gets wet. To keep your pipes running smoothly, you need everything in your pipes to disintegrate as much as possible. Baby wipes simply don’t do that.

2 – Menstrual Products

Many people flush their menstrual products, but it’s a big mistake. They’re designed to absorb moisture, which means that they’ll simply expand the longer they’re in your pipes. That could cause a serious clog in the future.

3 – Dental Floss

Dental floss might seem small and insignificant enough that flushing it won’t matter; however, it can curl into a ball and act as a net. That net will catch other debris in your pipes, eventually forming a clog. You’re much better off just dropping your floss into the trash can; it can be something of an environmental hazard if flushed as well.

4 – Tissues

It might seem that tissues are not very different from toilet paper, but they are. They’re different in that tissues are designed to stand up to moisture much better than toilet paper. While they don’t absorb water very well, they also won’t break down very readily. When balled up, they can eventually cause a serious clog.

5 – Bleach

There’s a good chance bleach or a bleach-based product is a common part of your toilet cleaning routine. However, the chemical can actually be too harsh for your pipes. That’s especially true if you have a septic system. If you have stains in your toilet, there are other chemicals you can use that will remove the stains without damaging the septic system or the pipes.

These are just a few things you shouldn’t flush down your toilet if you want your pipes to stay clear and in good condition.


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