Hiring a Local Plumber Makes Sense

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None of us are immune to plumbing issues. There will come a time when we need a plumber and we need one now! The question then turns to “who to hire?” Hiring a local plumber versus a chain or franchise makes sense. Here are a few reasons why it makes more sense to hire a local plumber in Boise.

Keep Your Investment Local

When we spend money with local companies we are investing in our own community. The money you spend with any contractor, plumber or otherwise, goes back into our local economy much more often than it does when you hire a franchise. Some reports show that about 68% of your money stays local when spent with a Boise firm, versus 43% when hiring a national or regional chain.

Know Who You Are Working With

There is a lot of benefits to be able to speak directly with a business owner. You know they have their name on the line when it comes to quality. They probably are not sitting in a 30th story office in some metropolitan area. They are likely right here in Boise, or at least the Treasure Valley. You can rest a little easier knowing there are fewer “hoops to jump through” before finding the owner should an issue arise.

Easier to Check References and See Their Work

It is much easier to drive by and visually check a contractor’s references when the work they have done in the past is right there in your town. You can call your friends and neighbors to verify the type of work they did for them. No need to take their word for it!

Local Experience

Probably the biggest reason to hire local is to gain regional experience. Boise plumbers have dealt with Idaho-specific issues and know how to best solve them. Their local experience provides an advantage to which outside companies cannot provide.

While plumbing issues may seem to be the same across the board, the climate, landscape and building codes are not. Adding a water heater is a standard job for a plumber in any city in the US. But, recommending the right type for our area and installing it to code may be a different story.

Hire a Boise Plumber Today

Simply put, it is a great idea to keep our money in our community whenever possible. When you have a plumbing problem in Boise, hire a local Boise plumber that has been here and will be here for years. Trust in the fact that you can easily check their references and meet the company owner if you so desire. It is the best way to do business when given the option. Are you ready to hire local?

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