Tough Clogs Need Professional Help

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It is very frustrating when the water does not flow like it is supposed to! It is even more frustrating when we cannot fix it ourselves. We have exhausted all our efforts with the plungers and chemicals and still no luck. What now? The toughest clogs typically require professional help to get the water moving again. Plumbers with experience in drain cleaning and clog clearing have better equipment and skills to get the job done right. It is not your fault that you could not get it cleared. Sometimes you just must know when to throw in the towel! Why should you call a plumber? Here are a few reasons.

You Do Not Know What is Causing the Clog

It is easy to assume that one of the kids shoved a toy in the toilet or maybe there was some food items pushed down the garbage disposal that should have been thrown in the trash. You may have far bigger concerns. There could be root damage further down the line that has been slowly causing problems for a while and has now completely clogged the line. A local plumber with a sewer camera inspection kit will be able to find out exactly what the problem is, saving time from diagnosing the issue. If you have been trying to clear the clog yourself with no luck, it is probably time to find out just what the problem is!

You May Never Be Able to Clear the Clog

As in the case of the intruding tree root, this may simply be a problem too large for anyone that is not a licensed plumber. The best DIY handymen and handywomen have probably not faced these kinds of issues before without hiring a plumber. Equipment that plumbers use to clear tough clogs are often expensive and require a significant amount of training to operate. Hydro-jetters, professional drain augers and snakes, along with the video inspection equipment are not items typically owned by regular homeowners. They just do not need them often enough to make the purchase feasible.

Time is Money…Including Yours

There comes a point in time where you are likely wasting money by not hiring a plumber to clear the toughest clogs. If you consider how much your time is worth and how long you are spending on this difficult DIY project, you may find it more cost-effective to hire a plumber sooner than later. If you make $30 an hour and take two days off work because of this issue, you could have spent nearly $500 on a plumber and come out even.

Hire a Trusted Boise Drain Cleaning Company

When you finally realize that enough is enough, reach out and contact an experienced, trusted, local Boise drain cleaning company. It is OK to admit that you have been outmatched. Compare it to maintaining a vehicle. Even the most accomplished amateur mechanic will occasionally need to take their cars to a specialist for work they simply cannot perform themselves. The know when to spend time to solve a problem and when to spend money to fix it.

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