How to Tell if Your Drain Needs a Plumber’s Touch

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How to Tell if Your Drain Needs a Plumber’s Touch

Drains are an important part of your home and plumbing system. They carry away the waste in your toilet as well as the dirty water in your sinks and tubs. As a homeowner, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate, and this makes it difficult to determine when a sewer repair in Meridian, ID is necessary.

Five Star Service Pros shares the signs indicating that the help of a drain repair specialist is needed.

Sewer Backups

The most tell-tale sign you need sewer repair is when you encounter sewage backing up and leaking out of your toilet, your shower or your tub. Raw sewage isn’t just a messy nuisance, it’s also unsanitary and can expose your household to a slew of health risks such as E. coli or leptospirosis.

Poor Flow or Pressure

When you use your sink or shower, pay attention to both the strength of the flow and the water pressure you get. Poor water pressure or flow may require a sewer pipe line repair because the drain has a clog that keeps water from coming through.

Rising Water Bills

The problems with your sewer can result in rising water bills. This often occurs because the clogs build up and cause leaks. Those leaks may require a minor repair or that you replace sewer line sections. If your water bill keeps skyrocketing despite your water usage remaining the same, you might want to consider enlisting the help of a plumber to address sewer line problems.

Changes to Your Lawn

Be wary of changes to your lawn, especially green spots where the grass appears to thrive more than other areas. This happens when you have a leak in your sewer line because the raw sewage feeds your lawn. You should notice brighter patches of green along the leaking portion of the sewer line where repairs are needed.

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