The Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repairs Over Traditional Repair Methods

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The Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repairs Over Traditional Repair Methods


When sewer line damage occurs, the only option was to employ dig-and-replace methods. As the name suggests, this technique was done by digging an enormous trench to access and fix a damaged line. The result is a repaired sewer pipe line and a destroyed landscape. Thankfully, trenchless pipe lining in Meridian, ID offers a better way to repair the sewer lines without destroying your lawn.

Here are the key advantages of trenchless pipe repairs offered by Five Star Service Pros.

Takes Less Time

Digging and replacing the line is a task that takes days to complete. On the other hand, trenchless pipe repairs and replacement projects can typically be finished within a day, and there are even instances where the pipe restoration is carried out in mere hours. Clearly, trenchless solutions hold the upper hand when duration and convenience are taken into account.


Repairing your pipes using the trenchless sewer repair is considered a cost-effective method. Since the technique does not require the use of heavy machinery for the excavation process, equipment rental fees are out of the equation. There is also a considerable reduction in labor costs as only a few technicians are needed to complete the work in less time than it takes to finish traditional pipe rehabilitation projects.


Instead of throwing away old pipes, trenchless repairs use the skeleton of those pipes to construct new ones, thus reducing waste that would have just ended up in the landfill.


One of the biggest advantages trenchless pipe replacement has over traditional pipe restoration methods is that the former is extremely convenient for the property owner. Whether you run a business or oversee a household, you’ll definitely appreciate the fact that with trenchless pipe lining, you don’t have to suspend operations or put a pause on your daily routine.

Extend Pipe Service Life

Aside from improving the longevity of the pipes, trenchless sewer replacement can also improve the functionality of your septic system in increasing flow capacity.

For quality trenchless pipe lining services, contact Five Star Service Pros today.


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