Bad Habits That Could End Up Clogging Your Drains

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Bad Habits That Could End Up Clogging Your Drains


While it’s true that no drain is immune to damages or clogs, there are some hazardous habits that could lead to needless repairs. At Five Star Service Pros, we offer top-notch and professional sewer repair in Eagle, ID. We share the following advice on maintaining your sewer lines by listing down the bad habits that result in clogged drains.

Don’t Flush “Flushable” Wipes

The thing is, the only things you should be flushing down your toilet is toilet paper and, of course, your waste. As opposed to toilet paper, wipes do not dissolve in water, and that is why they should not go into the toilet. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misleading claims when it comes to flushable wipes, and a loophole in the law enables products to claim they are flushable without considering their effects on your plumbing and the likelihood that it’ll necessitate sewer repair services.

To be on the safe side, assume that anything “flushable” is a marketing ploy that will only end up with you needing drain repair.

Avoid Putting Grease Down Your Drains

Fat solidifies at room temperature, and that is why you should not pour any grease down your drain. The grease you pour solidifies as it goes down the drain. Additionally, fats do not dissolve in water. Grease clogs will warrant the need for sewer pipe line repair that would have otherwise been avoided.

Know Which Food Groups Your Drains Can Handle

Seemingly innocuous foodstuffs go on to expand in water and clog your pipes. Yes, food scraps like pasta, rice, and other carbs absorb water and expand. Eventually, your drains get clogged. In addition, some foods such as eggshells, banana peels, celery, onions, and radishes can wear out your garbage disposal motors and eventually lead to clogging. The damage can become severe enough to prompt you to replace sewer line.

Refrain From Using Toxic Commercial Drain Cleaners

Should your drains still clog despite following all cautions, know that this can be mainly due to water itself leaving mineral deposits in the inside of the pipes. When this happens, steer clear of harsh drain cleaners, as most store-bought drain cleaners could damage your pipes and lead to an untimely sewer line replacement.

Avoid the stress caused by clogged drainages by adopting sustainable preventive measures. However, in the event of clogging, only trust the pros from Five Star Service Pros. Contact us today to request an appointment.


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