Why Are My Drains Draining So Slow?

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There is nothing quite like dealing with the frustration caused by a slow drain. You want to be able to hop out of the shower or bath and know that the water is going down on its own. When your drain is slow or not draining at all, it leaves slimy residue in your tub or sink that makes those fixtures dirty and difficult to clean out. Not only does it look bad, but it’s also unsanitary. Plus, nobody wants to step into a slippery, slimy tub when they go to take a bath or shower. Also, nobody wants to wait for the sink to drain while they are doing dishes, making the process take twice as long. But why is the drain so slow? It could be any number of reasons.

Minor and Major Drain Clogs

A slow drain could mean a minor clog. You may even be able to look down your drain and see the clog from the top. Sometimes this happens when there is a lot of hair that has gone down the shower drain, or when someone drops a toothpaste cap into an open sink drain. These clogs are easy to fix, luckily enough. Sometimes the clog is deeper down where you can’t see it, and you need a plumber or someone to run a snake through your pipes to fix it.

One Drain or More Than One Drain?

If just one of your drains is slow, then there is a good chance the problem is minor and can be fixed without major hassle. But if all your drains are slow, that usually points to a bigger, much more serious problem somewhere in the system. There could be a problem with the main sewer line, especially if you have backup into your sinks and tub. Unless you can identify a clog in a single drain and remove it yourself, it is best to call a plumber right away.

The “Root” of the Problem

Tree roots can also cause major problems for plumbing, especially if the tree in question is mature or older. Once a tree root grows into the sewer line, you have major problems throughout the entire system, including slow drains. You may also have sludge in your septic tank. A buildup of material in the septic tank can cause a blockage in the main line and in turn cause the drains to drain slowly. You definitely need a plumber if this is the case because the problem can only be diagnosed with the right tools, equipment, and know-how.

Don’t Forget About Vents

You may have a problem with the air pressure being unbalanced in your system. This would be because of some issue with your vent pipes, which allow fresh air to travel through the system, alleviating the vacuum that is created by plumbing otherwise. You might have some corrosion or deterioration in your pipes that needs to be looked at and fixed. Drains can be slow for a lot of reasons. This is why it is best to call a plumber if your drains are slow.

Call a Boise Plumber for Drain Cleaning!

It’s one thing to have a minor clog. It is an entirely different thing to have a major clog, especially one that includes root damage or multiple drains. Call a Boise plumber with the drain cleaning tools and experience to handle the biggest jobs! Anything less and you may just be wasting money! Be sure to ask about their trenchless plumbing options. If they do not offer trenchless, it is time to try a company that does.

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