My Home is New. Should I Still Have the Plumbing Inspected?

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Even if your home is new, it is a good idea to have your plumbing inspected. When you buy a home, the home inspector is not always required to check the plumbing for you, so you cannot count on it already having been done. Having your plumbing inspected may not be an expense that you necessarily want to deal with, but a plumbing inspection will often save you money in the end. This is because there is no telling when cold weather, root systems, or anything else is going to mess with your plumbing and cause problems, regardless of your home’s age.

Most of the plumbing in a home is found underneath the structure. We can only see a little bit of what is actually going on with our plumbing. If there is a visible leak, we fix it right away. But what if you can’t see the damage? What if there are leaks or small cracks in a line that you can’t see without getting in your crawl space or underground? A plumbing inspection can alert you to these risks before they become major problems that end up costing thousands upon thousands of dollars to get fixed.

plumbing inspection is a job that needs to be left to those qualified to do it. Frankly, most people do not have the tools or equipment required to get the job done right, let alone to fix any problems they might find. When you hire a professional plumbing company to do the inspection for you, they will bring their own proven tools and use their own proven methods to evaluate and diagnose any issues that are found. Usually they can also give you an idea of what it would take to remedy anything that has or could potentially go wrong with the plumbing in your home.

Plumbers have a list of things that they check when they perform an inspection on your plumbing. Some of the things on this list include drains, pipes, toilets, water heater, and the main sewer line. They will also check for any water discoloration and this is especially important because we need our water to be clean and uncontaminated to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Water can be discolored for a variety of reasons and it can be coming from a range of sources. If you do have discolored water, don’t use it to drink or wash dishes, as it may make you sick.

Even if your home is new, there is no telling when something will go wrong. It is good to have new pipes, but things can still happen that can cause damage to new pipes in no time. Weather is one factor that can affect the strength of your plumbing. Root systems are another. When these things clash with the plumbing in your home, be it below or above ground, major damage can ensue, costing you a huge amount of money you did not want to spend.

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