Main Line Repairs are a Reality- Save Money With Trenchless Plumbing

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Sometimes repairs just have to be done in water and sewer lines. This can be very expensive, especially with the reconstruction that needs to go on after digging new trenches. Main line damage can be caused by tree roots invading the piping system, rodents, physical obstructions, and normal wear and tear among other things. Repairing this damage can be invasive as well, even going so far as to require a trench being dug through your garage or driveway. If you’ve ever had to repair main line damage, then you know the grief that it causes and you are probably looking for a better way to do things.

Trenchless Plumbing Saves Money

There is a solution to all of this costly, invasive mess. Trenchless plumbing offers a newer, faster, and more cost-effective way to repair main line damage in water and sewer lines in and around your home. It is estimated that trenchless plumbing costs about 30% to 40% less than traditional plumbing methods. 

Methods that require a backhoe and other heavy equipment are expensive and inconvenient. They often take days to complete and they cause damage to your landscaping, driveway, and walkways. They can also incur costs because of digging into city streets. If you damage city property, you may need to pay out of your own pocket and this can be very costly. Trenchless plumbing can be done in one day without causing damage to landscaping, city property, or your own property. It saves you money in the end because not only is it less expensive, but the reduced amount of time that it takes to complete the job reduces the cost. You also don’t have to pay to repair the damage that digging trenches causes. 

How Does it Work in Main Line Repairs?

So how does trenchless plumbing work? Well, the crews in charge of doing the plumbing access your existing line at both ends. There is no need to dig another trench because they’re using what’s already there. They insert a long cable into the main line and pull it through the piping, including going through the damaged area. After the cable is through, they add high strength plastic pipe. This plastic pipe is pulled through along the cable and the old piping is burst and moved out of the way as the new piping comes through. This is all done with minimal destruction of the surface or anything above it.

The reality is that main line repairs do need to be done occasionally. But you have a choice in how you go about fixing things. When roots invade and cause damage, or when rodents chew through the pipes, or when normal wear and tear just leads to breakage, you can always turn to trenchless plumbing to get the job done faster and more efficiently as well as cheaper than traditional plumbing methods. If you want to avoid causing damage to your property and city property, consider hiring a Boise plumber that specializes in trenchless plumbing techniques to fix the problem for you.


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