Why DIY Plumbing-Related Repairs Will Cost You More Eventually

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Plumbing issues can sometimes look easy enough to handle without the help of your local plumber in Boise, ID. However, there are certain reasons why our experts at Five Star Service Pros advise against handling plumbing problems on your own.

Additional Expenses

While DIY plumbing repairs seem like a cost-effective solution for now, the expenses associated with doing the repairs by yourself can add up in the long run. Chief among these added expenses are the trips to the hardware store every time you find that you don’t have a specific plumbing tool at your disposal.

Regardless of the type and size of the DIY, clients have to buy the equipment and tools, which they might end up using only once. Plumbing supplies are usually expensive, and it might cost the homeowner more to buy them that call for emergency plumbing.

Misdiagnosing the Problem

Misdiagnosing an issue could result in the homeowner adopting a solution that might worsen the problem or cause other problems in other sections of the plumbing system that will be more costly to repair or worse, require emergency plumbing services. When you call a plumbing company with trained and experienced technicians to identify the exact issue, you also avoid endangering your safety and damaging your property.

Substandard Repairs

Even if you do end up identifying the correct issue, the lack of knowledge and experience will likely always result in substandard repairs. This means that the problem will keep occurring or can even get worse. The client might also use the wrong parts or materials for the repair. If, for example, a homeowner uses a galvanized metal pipe with a copper fitting, it will result in major pipe corrosion, causing premature pipe failure.

Warranty and Insurance

Many insurance companies will refuse to cover damage resulting from DIY plumbing attempts, with you ending up footing the bill – all the more reasons to reach out to the pros for plumbing services.

Call the Pros

Five Star Service Pros is among the best and most cost-effective choices when looking for a reliable plumber. Call us to schedule plumbing services.


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