Preparing for Trenchless Repair

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Trenchless repair techniques are becoming more popular for various reasons. They’re cost-effective, faster, and don’t require extensive excavations. However, several things may be done ahead of time to ensure the proper implementation of your trenchless pipe lining in Meridian, ID. Five Star Service Pros is a highly recommended company for trenchless services, and here’s how we prepare for trenchless pipe repairs.

Secure Permits

Before we begin any trenchless sewer repair project, we check whether the municipality where you’re located permits trenchless methods as a pipe restoration solution. We’ll also map out the existing utility infrastructures and check whether there are communication lines, gas lines, electrical lines, or internet cables that are in the way. This is a crucial step that helps us avoid or minimize damage to those lines during the repair process.

While the trenchless pipe repair method does not require extensive digging, we still make sure to employ safety measures so that the repair process is as efficient and as hitch-free as possible.

Plan for Traffic Management

Once we know where most of the repair work will take place, our team can then plan how the traffic will be managed during the repair. This involves mapping out the detours in advance to ensure they’re marked and well-publicized. This also involves mapping out the repair process, so that our technicians are well-coordinated with each other during the trenchless sewer replacement or repair.

What You Can Do

Our trenchless pipe replacement team will take care of everything related to the job at hand, you can help make the process flow smoother by making sure that the work area is clear and free from obstructions such as outdoor furniture and the like. You’ll only really need to do this around the service access points where the liners will enter and exit.

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