Are You Inadvertently Damaging Your Sewer Line?

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Five Star Service Pros is dedicated to providing reliable sewer repair in Eagle, ID to homes and businesses that need it. While some forms of damage come from external factors such as the age or current condition of the pipes, there are some things that property owners inadvertently do that can damage their sewer lines.

Misusing the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are important when it comes to effectively throwing out organic waste from food scraps. However, many households treat these disposal systems as literal garbage cans and throw all kinds of food waste, even the ones that aren’t meant to be thrown into the garbage disposal system. But when cooking oil, grease, oyster or clam shells, and other items that a garbage disposal isn’t designed to handle end up in there anyway, the need for drain repair services becomes inevitable.

This is because garbage disposals don’t actually have vicious blades that shred all the waste into small pieces. Instead, their grinding teeth work like cheese grinders. This makes them susceptible to getting jammed by some foods. While they manage to break up things like bones, they don’t make them into the finest. These instances could result in clogs that require sewer pipe line repair in the long run.

Skipping Routine Maintenance

While many clients only call plumbers when there is a visible issue, there might be unseen issues that could develop and become irreparable over time. Regular plumbing maintenance services allow us to determine the condition of the pipes and spot issues early. This helps avoid a costly repair or sewer line replacement.

Flushing Foreign Objects

Clogs are the most common plumbing issues we run into as a sewer repair services provider, and clients sometimes cause them unknowingly. Flushing things like paper towels, jewelry, feminine hygiene products, and hair could result in severe clogs because these items don’t break down easily.

Using Chemical Cleaning Products

While chemical cleaners sometimes help clean surfaces and eliminate clogs, they cause more harm than good in the long run. They eat away the pipes and kill waste-eating bacteria in the septic tank. Over time, the damage could become severe and the last resort is to replace sewer line.

DIY Repairs

DIY repairs sometimes look cheaper and faster than a professional drain repair. However, these could lead to more damage and become costly because the homeowner lacks the skill, knowledge, and experience to diagnose the issue, handle equipment, and implement solutions. DIYs could end up making the problem worse or causing more issues in other sections of the plumbing system.

With reliable professionals, warranted services, over 30 years of experience, and state-of-the-art equipment, Five Star Service Pros is the go-to for sewer concerns. Call us for an appointment.


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