Why Pipe Lining Makes Sense

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Let’s face it: just like rooves, support beams, and foundations, the pipes in your house age over time. Just as when our bodies age, pipes can see damage that causes little problems and big problems alike. As your plumbing ages, it develops cracks that are susceptible to tree root invasion, which causes leaks, frequent clogs, and more. Cracked plumbing is just bad news all around.

What Happens if I have a Serious Plumbing Problem?

Normally when you have this problem, the solution is to hire someone to dig in, possibly under your basement, and replace the old pipes with new, more durable ones. This is a huge expenditure and can take lots of time, not to mention what destruction it can deal to your property. Damage to your concrete and landscaping takes extra time and money to fix. But never fear-here we are going to talk about a new alternative to replacing plumbing. It is called pipe lining, and it makes a whole lot of sense.

Why Pipe Lining is the Answer!

Pipe lining is basically “replacing” an old pipe without actually having to replace it. Rather, you give it a new, super durable surface on the inside. A tube is inserted into the old pipe. The tube contains self-hardening resin that sets up in just a few hours to give you an estimated 100 year life span on the portion of pipe that was affected. Under normal circumstances, your pipes perform just fine from then on, causing no additional problems. How do they do it? Using trenchless plumbing tools and video camera technology, the problems are found and isolated. Then they remove all debris using a high powered water jet. Next, licensed plumbers will fit the tube into place and inflate it with air. After the lining is fit to the inside of the pipe in this way, all they have to do is wait for around 2-4 hours for the resin to set. Finally, an inspection will tell the plumbers that everything is great, and they can be on their way.

Time is Money

Boom. Reduced time put into the job, less digging (in some cases maybe no digging), less money spent and no property damage to worry about! But what if you need more reasons to invest in pipe lining? Well, there are plenty of sensible points to go around. For example, the new pipe lining is usually stronger than the original pipe. Also, you won’t see any reduction in water flow since the lining only decreases the diameter of pipes by 5%. Pipe lining can be used on most residential and commercial pipe types, such as cast iron, clay, and all types of sewer pipes, and it also fits most sizes. And finally and perhaps most importantly, pipe lining is priced by linear foot, so you are not paying for the whole pipe to be fixed. Love that cost reduction.

Find a Boise Pipe Lining Pro

Remember, not all Boise area plumbers use the trenchless plumbing methods, so if you are looking at pipe lining for big savings and less hassle, make sure that they are a professional who is knowledgeable and skilled at using pipe lining.


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